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Fiber pillow

Pillows filled with carded polyester fibers that are thermo-cohesive and fused. We have high-temperature ovens that, thanks to special bi-component fibers, thermofix the flap giving volume and lightness to the pillow. We can process various types of fillings, different visually and in quality to the touch: silicon fibers, blown fibers, hypoallergenic fibers, fireproof fibers.

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Eco feather pillows

Animal free pillow with the softest and most fluffy hand. The feather effect filling of the latest generation of polyester microspheres is able to offer the highest quality of sleep. The structure of this MICROLEN® brand staple of ours, characterized by small spaces that retain air, has the merit of returning to its original shape after strong pressure, thus giving the unfailing cloud effect of down without, however, sacrificing respect for animals. This particular material now represents a novelty in the world of cruelty-free fillings, presenting itself as extremely light and soft as the only true alternative to down.

Discover the main models

Natural fiber pillow

Pillows made of fibers such as cotton, wool or feathers are naturally breathable and give a healthy rest that is safe for health. Perfect sanitation of raw materials is also guaranteed thanks to the specific processing of materials.

Discover the main models



It's possible to create simple bag, vacuum-packed, rolled packed, single or paired packages


It's possible to customize paper card and labels with the customer's logo


It's possible change size or mix fiber and pillowcases to create a unique pillow


It's possible to change the envelope, the box or the pieces per box

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