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Cotton, polyester-cotton and polyester fabrics, in various printed designs or plain colors: these articles, stored in our stock, are available in rolls with the opportunity of being cut according to customer’s requirement. As regards bonded fabrics, they can be made of two or three layers, with needled fabric in natural fibers, synthetic or polyurethane foams. The company also provides stretch fabrics in rolls to package mattress cover, pillowcases and pillows. Therefore, it’s possible to personalize both measures and finished products. 

Loose fiber

White loose fibers are entirely made with polyester flakes that guarantee softness, elasticity and volume over time. This product is available in 250 gr, 500 gr bags or 10 kg size bags.

Wadding and felts

We provide thermofused wadding from 150 to 1500 gr/sqm for bed linen and furnishing sector. Needle felts from 80 to 1200 gr/sqm for the furniture industry, ironing board covers, household linen. But there’s also a chance to use synthetic, natural or artificial fibers; both items can be packaged in rolls, pre-cut or shaped pieces.