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Donato martinelli is a leader manufacturer of pillows. We can produce memory pillows, ergonomic and innovative, or classic fiber pillows with a soft touch. Donato martinelli stands out on the market for its vast and customizable proposal, capable of satisfying every retailer's need. Each product can be customized in size, weight and accessories (label and paper card with your logo).


Memory means a last generation foam polyurethane (viscoelastic) developed by NASA researchers to give comfort to the astronauts during gear changes in their missions. In the following decades, this technology has been used in common life, particularly in the bed industry for mattress and pillows. As a result of the partnership with the two biggest Italian producers of viscoelastic memory, Donato Martinelli has developed a high-performance water-based memory foam highly required throughout Europe, called Viscolattice® (registered trademark). The Viscolattice® memory processed by us is divided into three types: MOULDED MEMORY, SHAPED MEMORY and MEMORY CHIPS.

Moulded memory

Our company offers pillows produced with moulds, created in different sizes and shapes, filled with the mixing of water-based foamed components. As well as that, they can be customized by adding an insert of another material to their interior, with different colors and fragrances or shapes; but also with subsequent processing, such as drilling or inhibiting treatments of mites and smell.

Shaped memory

In this case, pillows are made beginning with a parallelepiped-shaped block of Viscolattice® individually cut and shaped following a well-defined pattern. This operation guarantees the extreme breathability of memory, being all the product "open cell" instead of the classic "coating skin" typical of the moulded pillow.

Memory chips

Talking about memory chips, pillows are characterized by a padding of chips, also called "spaghetti", derived from a previous processing of Viscolattice® Italian producers. This procedure implicates a constant lift for pillows. In addition, they can be realized by a plain white color, if requested by the customer, or different colors.