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Each product can be totally customized to the customer's specific needs. Sizes, padding weights, fabrics, colors and label and insert graphics can be modified.
The customer is accompanied in the selection of a suitable product for his sale and provided with all the necessary assistance, both technical and graphic, to ensure an excellent result.


We have an internal quality manager who has many years of experience in the field and performs checks on individual products, starting from the selection of raw materials, to the shipment of the finished product. Thanks to the interaction with the most accredited Italian and European laboratories, we are able to guarantee customers competence and reliability.


In textile industry, and more specifically in household linen, the strong global competition encourages our innovation and development process, both in terms of raw materials and finished products, but also regarding collections. Nowadays the product life is becoming shorter and shorter, consequently the need to interact on production costs leads companies to constantly increase their technological evolution.

Research, Innovation and Development are the fundamental pillars of our company philosophy.


The department of logistics can provide, in case of orders of relevant volumes for just a single item, a targeted picking service and direct deliveries at sales points.

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