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The production of pillows, both moulded and cut, is carried out by two companies linked to Donato Martinelli by common quality and development goals.

This exclusive partnership has allowed us to develop unique and certified items, from raw materials to finished pillow, by using a single supply chain. These companies’ laboratories daily control their products before packaging to ensure the highest quality so much appreciated by customers. The research departments, with their prototypes, interact day-to-day with customer managers in order to satisfy all customer's needs.

Since 2010 and automatically from 2012 began the production of pillows with chips of memory, more commonly known as “fiocchi di memory”, particularly appreciated by those who love high and lifted pillows.

The production of fiber pillows starts with a careful selection of fibers between different suppliers around the world. This is because the supplier with more similar standards must also follow the ethics protocols approved by the highest certifying agency. Once these types of certified fibers have been identified, they are mixed, perfumed (if required) and placed in the opening lines according to their denier and type; eventually, they are stored in cells waiting to be used in several production lines.

Our company’s departments host:
• three specific carding and needling lines used for the production of needled fabrics, also calendared, employed for various padded items;
• a specific carding line employed for the production of carded and thermocohesioned padding pillows;
• four core filling lines handled for thermowelded padding;
• a line of wired and ultrasound quilting



In this department all the items obtained from different production operations are finalized and packaged.

These items are carefully checked by highly specialized staff, one by one, before being inserted into the final packaging. 
We also supply different types of packaging: vacuum-packed products in carton boxes, bags with handle, dust-proof bags or rolled up products so that any deformations or stress to the item is avoided.

Over the last few years, logistics has occupied a primary importance position in the relationship with customers, especially in this sector where cargo-handling are very wide.

Because of these reasons, the company decided to invest in a new logistics annexed to the production department, always available to customers to ensure an exceptional full service and make our products more competitive.