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This logo represents the guarantee of a product made according to certain quality standards, entirely in Italy using the highest technologies combined with the skillful craftsmanship of specialized personnel. Our signature for an all-Italian choice.


Softylen® is the result of processing virgin polyester fiber, spiralized and treated with a special processing that can volumize the original shape into spheres (fiber ball), making it especially soft, with a down effect.
Lightness, elasticity and softness are the distinguishing features of Softylen®, which, thanks also to a high filling power, allows a wide-ranging use of the filling, being adaptable to many shapes. The quality of Softylen® is also evidenced by the fact that it is a breathable, durable and hypoallergenic product.
From the point of view of comfort, breathability is a very important component, as it allows moisture to be quickly wicked away from the human body and decreases the condensation of sweat, while also promoting biological transpiration.
Adequate product breathability, combined with hygiene, is the best deterrent to the decrease of mites, particularly in the bed area.
Let yourself be pampered by Softylen®, a 100% Italian product.


The search for new, increasingly technical and valuable fibers, together with the use of technologically advanced equipment, has led to the creation of Microlen®. Composed of very thin filaments of siliconized polyester, Microlen® gives a unique feel to the touch, thanks in part to a special processing of the very light fiber. Suffice it to say that ten kilometers of siliconized polyester weighs only 1 gram, having a denier coefficient (the unit of measurement for calculating the linear density of fibers) of 0.9. Not surprisingly, Microlen®'s strength is precisely its lightness compared to other materials: in fact, for the same diameter, siliconized polyester fiber weighs only half as much as silk and even a third as much as wool. Microlen® also promotes breathability by retaining heat and releasing moisture and is completely hypoallergenic, preventing annoying mites from getting into the fibers of the filling. The use of premium materials combined with Made in Italy excellence make Microlen® a product of the highest quality.
Since it was launched on the market Microlen®, thanks to its special qualities of softness and lightness, has immediately become a popular product with the public.



Visco-elastic C.F.C.-free, slow-returning polyurethane foam to ensure maximum comfort and improve the quality of rest. The entire production chain takes place in our country, in order to provide a product of absolute quality that only the 100% Made in Italy brand can guarantee.

In addition, Viscolattice® Memory is:

Hypoallergenic and hygienic, it is not attackable by dust mites

Non-toxic, possesses Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certification

Ergonomic. Special non-deformability characteristics ensure maximum comfort and elasticity

Recyclable to the highest levels of eco-friendliness

Temperature-sensitive. Adapts perfectly to the natural contours of the body-in fact, it softens when warmed by contact and hardens at low temperatures

Avoids stress at the critical and heaviest points of the body

Adapts to the shape of the body

Promotes relaxation and alleviates neck pain


Padding made entirely in Italy, with siliconized and spiraled polyester fiber, an innovative solution that boasts the manipulation of the valuable starting fiber making it workable.
The result is LOVELY the fiber that is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch, provides support, breathability and comfort over time.
Why LOVELY ... loves you

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