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Types of memory pillows available

Donato Martinelli offers a large catalog of memory foam pillows based on the latest viscoelastic polyurethane. The pillows are available in different versions: soap, double wave/cervical or memory-flake.

The memory we offer is divided into three types: molded memory, cut memory and memory chips.

Mold memory

Pillows produced from molds in different sizes and shapes, filled with a mixture of foamed components. They can be customized by adding an insert made of another material inside them, with different colors and scents or subsequent processing, such as drilling or treatments such as bacteria and odor inhibitors.

Cutting Memory

Pillows derived from a parallelepiped-shaped block that is individually cut and shaped following a well-defined design. The main difference between moulded and cut memory is the better breathability of the latter model, as the outer part, called the film, which does not allow good breathability, is removed.

Memory Chips

Pillows characterized by a filling of memory flakes derived from the processing of Italian manufacturers of viscoelastic polyurethane. They are normally in mixed colors, but can be produced in a single color if requested by the customer.

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